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a woman who knows what it's like to have a husband addicted to porn."
Hello, my name is Jasmine, and, yes, my husband used to be a porn addict.

For 9 years of our married life, I suffered through the pain, the hurt, the betrayal, of my husband being addicted to porn.  I know the hope of recovery and the heartache of repeated relapses.  I know the despair and desire to crawl into a dark hole and just not be, but having to hold it all together for the kids.  I know the anger at having to suffer for someone else's choices.

But I loved my husband, and chose to stay with him for his healing journey. Through those years, I discovered how to live a life free from the chains of pornography, even when my husband still struggled. I discovered how to live a life of joy despite the choices of others.

In this 7 week program, I can teach you what I learned to not only survive my husband's addiction, but to thrive in life, regardless of his choices.  You can live with happiness and peace, and heal from the hurt of addiction. 

This program includes: 
  •  A comprehensive 7-week online program: This is where I teach you the step-by-step process for freeing yourself from the negative effects of your loved one's addiction and living a life of purpose and joy. It includes emailed lessons, access to a member area, worksheets, downloads, and simple doable assignments that even a busy mom of 6 kids (like me) can do to fill my life with peace when chaos comes knocking. This program is the result of years of heartache and soul-searching as well as weeks of work just putting it together. (Value: $397)
  • Email access: Email me anytime to get personalized help with making what you learn a reality in your life. Send in questions, comments, success stories, etc. (Value: there's no price tag here. There were days I would have given anything just to have someone to talk to who really understood where I was)
  • Self-healing training: Because healing is part of the process, my husband offered to include in this program his online training series (available in your member area) that teaches you exactly how to use breathing and simple movements to let go of old emotions, heal your body, give you real peace every single day (Value: $300) 
  •  Guided Relaxation audio bundle: Available as a digital download for those moments when you just need someone else to help you relaxed because you're too frazzled or tired to be able to do it on your own (Value: $47)
In this program we will address your relationship to your husband and kids, but mostly, your relationship with yourself.  This is a comprehensive program that teaches you how to put yourself in a place of purpose and power every day, no matter the circumstances.  I will give you tools that you can use for the rest of your life so that you can find joy in your life again, no matter the circumstances. You can feel peace.  You can live your life in happiness.
As an optional bonus, you may add on a complete training series on healing your kids through play at a discounted rate: 
  •   Access to an online an video series for healing your kids: One of the things we discovered from my husband's addiction was the profound impact it had on our kids. So my husband took his years of healing and martial arts training and created these simple healing games that teach powerful life lessons, release ingrained trauma and emotion, build strong family bonds, add laughter to an otherwise tough situation, and even increase your children's resilience to life's surprises. (Value $200)
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